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Þæt Clowfasar Leorninghús

Home School Programs

At The Clowvazar Academy

Helping Homeschool Parents Fill-In-The Gaps! 


  1. Transcript Services $20.00/month

  2. Education Plan Services (or IEP for Special Ed.), we will help you plan your lessons $50.00/month

  3. Individual Courses: Math, Science, History, English, French $150-210/month per class. If you sign up for a single course, you automatically get transcript services for free; club fees will also be half-off.

  4. Homeschool Camp Weeks $100 (9AM - 2PM) - Topics Include: Science, Engineering, Architecture, Archaeology, and more. Camps are offered year-round.


  1. Robotics Club $50/month

  2. Archaeology Club $50/month