The Clowvazar Academy

K-12th: The Year-Round School for Learning Differences & Growing Minds

Þæt Clowfasar Leorninghús

Committed & Dedicated Staff

Austin Clow (Headmaster, English Teacher) M.A-TESOL.

Headmaster of The Clowvazar Academy. Austin holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in French, with a minor in Linguistics, from the University of Texas at San Antonio, and a Masters in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, also from UTSA. He is currently pursuing a second masters in Education with an emphasis on Curriculum & Instruction.

Jennifer N. (4th/5th Grade) M.A - Special Ed.

Jennifer holds a masters degree in Special Education and bachelors in Interdisciplinary Studies (Education) with emphasis in Special Education. Her training includes ABA and she strives to incorporate ABA techniques into her teaching. Jennifer currently teaches Special Ed. and middle school English.

Lewis Owczarzak (Middle and High School Mathematics)

Lewis holds dual degrees in Anthropology and Architecture. He currently teaches Mathematics and Anthropology.

Eric Cavazos - History

Eric holds a Bachelor of Arts in History with a concentration in Social Studies. Eric received his state certified teaching certificate in 2014. He teaches History and Elementary Mathematics. 

Ms. Mary Ramos  - M.A Agricultural Science & Horticulture

Ms. Mary Ramos received her undergraduate degree in Horticulture and her masters in Agricultural Science and Horticulture from Texas A&M at College Station. She has over 20 years of teaching experience at the middle school, high school and college level.

Ms. Crystal Salazar  - M.A Curriculum & Instruction (in progress)

Ms. Crystal received her bachelors in Interdisciplinary Studies (Education) at UTSA and is currently working on her masters in Curriculum and Instruction. She currently teachers 2nd and 3rd grade.

Lauren Thompson - Substitute Teacher

Lauren holds a degree in Art History/Criticism and Anthropology. She began her scholastic career as a Chemistry major in order to study art preservation. She completed most chemistry requirements before switching to a double major in Fine Arts and Anthropology.