The Clowvazar Academy

K-12th: The Year-Round School for Learning Differences & Growing Minds

Þæt Clowfasar Leorninghús

Admission Requirements

  1. 1)Apply Online [here]

  2. 2)Schedule Appointment (We will contact you).

  3. 3)Schedule Observation Day - this is when your child will attend a class and we will observe their behavior. This observation day may turn into an observation week which has a $75 fee.

  4. 4)Await entrance decision from the headmaster’s office.

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Steps To Admission

Affordable Tuition


Tuitions starts at $450.00 and increments to $850 / month based on income. We have limited seats available at $350.00.

NOTE: Starting in Fall 2015, our lower functioning special ed class will start at $550 - $950/ month based off of income.

Extra Fees

Application: FREE

Resource Fee: $450.00 -resource fees will be charged at the beginning of all new/renewing contracts (approximately yearly)

Observation Fee: a one day observation, which is generally necessary is FREE; however, if we request that your student is observed for more than one day, the fee is $15/day ($30 for the first re-observation day). Usually we will require five days at $75.00 if re-observation is necessary.


Immediate Enrollment Deadline:

No deadline, apply now.

Enrollment Deadline:

Although we accept enrollment at any time during the year. We ask that you fill out and submit your enrollment application before the 15th of May if you are only looking to enroll in the upcoming school year.

Summer School Deadline:

If you are only enrolling for summer, we ask that your get your application in before the 1st of June.

Current Student Deadline:

Each spring semester, we ask that our current students re-apply for admissions before the 15th of May. After which summer students will get priority until the 15th of July after which we begin taking year-round enrollment.

Tuition: Based on Income

Gifted-And-Talented: $450.00 - $850.00/month

General Ed: $450/month - $850.00/month

Special Ed (Medium - High Functioning) $450.00 - 850.00/month

Special Ed (Low Functioning or Medium to Major Behavior Issues) $550.00 - $950/month

$350.00 Seat: On rare occasion we grant tuition reduction to $350.00/month.

Resource Fee:

$450.00 / year (not pro-rated), can be paid as $75.00/month

Core Class Hours: 9AM - 2PM

All Possible Hours: 7:30AM - 5:00PM

Office Hours: 8:AM - 3:PM